miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010


And it happened then I traveled by the entire Universe. It happened that I knew thousands of planets and I watched the birth, life and death of a million stars.

I observed as H. P. Lovecraft found the key of the Silver City of his dreams.

I had a talk with the Endless: Desire, Despair, Delirium, Dream, Death, Destiny and even with Destruction, the anthropomorphic and immortal aspects of the universe, I knew their kingdoms, their responsibilities... and their secrets thus I understood the reason and the importance of all and each one of them.

I climbed the Olympus mount of Mars and I saw to cry to Ray Bradbury by his burned books.

I helped two children: Will Parry and Lyra Silver Tongue, the bearer of The Dagger and the reader of the Golden Compass, to find a way of comprehension and love even through many realities and the war with Heaven.

I saw the return of the king of Minas Tirith, the Tower of Guard, and I follow him to face the darkness while the halflings destroyed the Unique One.

I hid a girl of a witch and I saw the small Willow to become a great mage, a warrior redeemed and a young girl to find the path of good and of the love.

I rided in the back of a great dragon of a history that never ended that intertwined to other histories and that nevertheless they should be counted in another occasion.

I was under the cruel sun of Arrakis, with a destilsuit; and with the hooks of tame mounted the Shai Hulud to becoming a Knigt of the Sand.

I fought against the Wendol, and later write the history, to the north men that pray to other gods, that they shared their food and they shared their blood to I become a better servant of my brothers.

I even flew the Skull-1, fighting in the battles that had the micronians against the enormous Zentredis.

I flew over in the planet of Windhaven, a place with low gravity and a dense atmosphere what permitted its colonizers to find the secret of the flight of the human race.

I accompanied to the diver Jacks Mayol in his last immersion in search of something more important than his life or the love... his soul.

I served to Gaia under the auspice of the Arhoun, I was a ronin and member of a pack; with claws, eyeteeth and a Klaivé I fought to The Wyrm where to be born or to live.

But I never found someone as you...